Our Team

Robert Merva

A+, N+, MSBS, SMBA, ASP, CSCP, CENS, Owner and CEO

Robert Merva

Robert has been in the IT industry for over 15 years. Like many others in the field he started young; tinkering, building, troubleshooting and repairing computers for family and friends and grew the hobby into a small side business that would eventually lay the groundwork for Avrem Technologies years later.

He worked as the Assistant Director of Technology for Campbell City Schools where he was responsible for the administration of thousands of devices, hundreds of users, and upwards of 20 individual servers. Robert was also responsible for the deployment of Campbell’s Microsoft Exchange email server, the very first on-prem, private email server in use in any of Mahoning County’s public school districts at the time.

In 2007, seeing a need for honest, common sense computer repair Robert incorporated Avrem Technologies and began working on residential computers and small office networks. In 2009 Avrem Technologies began to focus exclusively on small office networks and slowly transitioned to becoming a business IT consulting firm.

By combining his experience in enterprise networking with the customer-focused approach that set Avrem apart in its infancy, Robert has grown Avrem Technologies into the area’s only truly world-class Managed Services Provider (MSP) specializing in business IT and cybersecurity consulting.

Robert’s areas of expertise include Windows desktop and server operating systems and software; network design and administration; email service design and management; business planning; low voltage wiring; electronics; and web design and maintenance. He has a natural ability to quickly identify business challenges and uses his experience with a vast array of both proven and cutting edge technologies to overcome those challenges to help organizations of all sizes to achieve their goals.

He is proud of his team and the dedication and integrity they’ve shown in the work they do every day and is looking forward to many, many more years in a field to which he’s dedicated his entire life.


Nathan Chiurco

CENS, Level 2 – Senior Support Administrator

Nathan ChiurcoNathan grew up in Malvern, Ohio where he also started his first job working in the IT department at his high school in the summer of 2010. It was a great experience and led him to pursue IT as a degree. He is a graduate at Stark State College with an Associate’s of Applied Science in Computer Network Administration and Security and The University of Akron with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Information Systems.

While going to school he worked as an IT co-op at a manufacturing company and between school and work found that there was no shortage of kind, genuine people providing wisdom and advice. Through every experience he’s seen the importance of hard work and a positive attitude.

Starting with Avrem in December of 2016, Nathan immediately knew he was a great fit for the team and is excited and driven to maintain the excellent reputation Avrem has built.


Scott Keller

Level 2 – Senior Support Administrator

Scott began breaking and fixing computers as early as the late 1990s. As time went on, he began to break less and fix more. While in high school he also attended Auburn Career Center for networking and maintained his school’s computer labs and classroom computers. This soon transitioned into a professional IT career, beginning first in a large corporate IT environment before transitioning into IT consulting for other managed services companies.

Scott has knowledge in both Windows and Linux and has worked with everything from desktops to servers, networking and enterprise storage. He prides himself on his ability to think and learn quickly in order to get the job done.

During the time he’s not working Scott enjoys spending time with his 3 children, working with his hands, and making home life easier by integrating smart home device and expanding other home IT projects. It’s within his extensive, enterprise-grade home network that he learns works on various projects both as a hobby as well as to learn new things he can apply to his profession.


Anthony Billet

CENS, Level 2 – Junior Support Administrator

Anthony Billet

Anthony’s interest in computers started at a young age when he started building and repairing computers and troubleshooting issues for friends and family. As time went on he became extremely interested in IT support, troubleshooting, and administration.

Anthony graduated from Youngstown State University where he obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology. While he attended YSU he was very active with student organizations; he is a member of Order of Omega, the Golden Key Society, and was 1 of 117 awarded the Who’s Who Among Students award in 2016. He joined the Avrem team in late 2016 originally as an IT Intern. He proved himself quickly and we’re looking forward to having him on board for many years.


Joe Paulenich

S+, Level 1 – Support Specialist

Joe Paulenich

Joe grew up in Struthers, Ohio and started tinkering with computers in high school. He quickly realized an affinity for troubleshooting technology and improving it. While attending Walsh University, he started gaining exposure to the IT field while working at the student help desk assisting professors and students with technical problems. After graduating from Walsh, Joe moved on to work as a certified repair technician at Staples providing tier 1 support to customers and eventually took over the Technology Supervisor role. He decided to enroll at Youngstown State University to pursue another Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology with a focus on cybersecurity.

While Joe was at Staples, he realized the value of having a service oriented mentality as well as how going above and beyond expectations can enhance the client’s experience. He brought over 6 years of customer service and IT experience to Avrem in November of 2017 and looks forward to growing with the company.


Don Restle

CCENT, AWS Cloud Practitioner, Level 1 – Support Specialist

For as long as he can remember, Don has always held a fascination with finding creative solutions to problems using technology. Originally pursuing a degree in Chemistry, it was during his time at Youngstown State University where he had the realization that most individuals and businesses are not utilizing available technology to its full potential. It was observations like these that led Don to pursue and complete a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

Don’s first position in IT was as an intern at a manufacturing facility. His role was to coordinate the implementation of a system used to track their inventory and production. In December of 2018, he accepted a position at PPG Industries as a Support Analyst on their global IT service desk, where he had the opportunity to gain experience contributing to a very large and complex enterprise IT environment. He joined Avrem in March of 2020 and is excited to bring his skills and knowledge to the team.


JT Nenadich

Level 1 – Support Specialist

JT started learning about computers as young as 13 years old by fixing his home computer and removing viruses for friends, family, and neighbors. In seventh grade he joined his school’s robotics team where he learned the basics of programming and in high school took every computer class Boardman had to offer, in the process learning a ton about the basics of computers, hardware, and software. During his senior year of high school he was part of a select team of students that worked within the school helping teachers with issues in order to take the load off the district’s technical staff.

In 2011, JT enrolled at YSU majoring in Information Technology and in 2013 he joined the US Air Force where he became the CST for his squadron. Soon after he interned at Simon Roofing for 8 months, first as Junior Developer and then as a systems administrator for the second half of the internship. After his internship, he was hired full time by the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) as a help desk support specialist before coming to Avrem in the beginning of 2020. He’s thrilled to be part of the team and looks forward to completing his A+ and Network+ certifications within the next few months.

In his free time he loves all things to do with cars and spends a fair amount of his off time still tinkering with personal computer projects.

Mark Thorn

3CX Certified Engineer, Data, Voice and Fiber Wiring Specialist

Mark Thorn Before starting in the telecom industry Mark worked a variety of jobs from being a warehouse worker, a steelworker at Copperweld Steel, and a maintenance supervisor for a local video rental chain. It was at this last job that lead directly to his career in the telecom industry which so far has lasted over two decades. In that time Mark has installed, troubleshooted, maintained and upgraded data networks, phone systems, paging systems, camera and surveillance systems, and fiber optic networks. He’s currently certified on Panasonic phone systems and has received extensive training on Panduit, Leviton and Systimax products.

He brought his experience to Avrem Technologies beginning in 2018 and has been a great addition to our team. He loves meeting new clients and providing solutions that fit their needs.


David Castronova

Accounting Manager

David graduated from Youngstown State University with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting in 2011. Since then, he has worked in many roles across various industries for companies small and large. Balancing tried and true practices with modern technologies, David provides timely, accurate, and useful information to the team. With a focus on continuous improvement, David thoroughly analyzes data and processes to discover value for Avrem and its stakeholders. David knew he was in the right place at Avrem when he noticed the culture of excellence, teamwork, and integrity.